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My mom was referred by a case manager at the hospital who spoke highly of Nelda, who is the director of admission at the facility. I didn’t want to place my mom in a nursing home, but Nelda has been helpful getting my mom situated and checks in with me from time to time regarding my mom’s health. Most importantly, my mom who is residing in the facility spoke highly of Nelda which made me feel very very comfortable. If further medical care is needed for my mom, the nurses check in with me to discuss the care plan based on the doctor’s orders. I feel confident that the staff members are taking good care of her. Thank you, Alcott.

Suzy K.

Yelp Review

Our experience with Alcott has not only been very satisfying but has exceeded our expectations. My 91 year old father fell and as a result suffered two brain surgeries. This was further compounded by a small stroke. When he was admitted to Alcott he was very weak. After several weeks of therapy and loving care he slowly regained his strength and has become mentally more alert. I give all the credit of my father’s amazing recovery to the staff at Alcott. The dedicated team of the physical therapists and the nurses and the CNA have been heroic. My father developed dysphasia and the speech therapist worked closely with my father to get his food and it’s consistently just right to fit his needs. My family has been astonished to see the recovery of our father. Alcott’s staff not only cares for my father’s physical needs but also takes thoughtful care to meet his emotional needs and dignity. My father has told me numerous times that everybody works so hard and is so kind to him. We are so blessed to have our father at Alcott.

Grace H.

Google Review

I had my both mother and father in-laws stayed at this rehab center few years ago, and now I currently have few people that I used to know also staying in this place. So I visit them occasionally. Whenever I come here, I can’t stop saying “THANK YOU” to them.

My family and friends like this place so much for their services and professional care they give to the patients and the family members. I strongly recommend this Alcott Rehab Center to everyone. This facility is not only very clean, but also the caregivers/nurses have the best set of skills for patient care.  

I currently work for one of the hospitals in LA city area.  I know how the patients should be treated, and I know what the healthcare environment is like.  With my 32 years of experience in healthcare, I believe the patient care this place provides would be one of the best and you can trust.  Thank you, Alcott Rehab!!!

John S.

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The nurses here are nice and take good care of the elderly here. The manager is nice and he smiles and waves to the grandmothers and grandfathers. The room cleaners keep the place clean. This place was recommended by my grandmother’s doctor and we are glad she is here. The most important thing is my grandmother is happy here and would not want to move to a different place.

Kim S.

Yelp Review

I placed my loved one here! My grandpa had a stroke in march and was paralyzed on his right arm and leg. He was bedbound when he arrived at Alcott but has improved greatly. Though his right arm may be a little flaccid, his right leg has made tremendous recovery over the span of 3 months (esp for his age, 92). He is now able to walk over 100 ft w a front wheel walker and a little bit of assistance. Greatly appreciate the team at Alcott for their hard work and services! He is now being discharged to his next level of care.

Brian K.

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